Jul 3, 2014

Online Psychotherapy Gains Fans And Raises Privacy Concerns

this has been my dream since the day I realized sexual assault victims often struggle to verbalize what happened to them, but sometimes feel comfortable typing it out - Online therapy that builds up to chatting could be the future for this population.

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Jun 28, 2014
A recent Government Accountability Office report found that while the Department of Veterans Affairs is approving an increasing number of veterans’ PTSD claims, applications for PTSD related to sexual trauma are much more likely to be denied than those related to combat or other trauma.
Why Military Sexual Assault Survivors Have Trouble Getting The Benefits They Deserve
Jun 28, 2014
These lawsuits are an incredible display of entitlement, the same entitlement that drove them to rape. These are students who were found responsible after an extensive adjudication proceeding that is heavily biased in favor of alleged perpetrators. We don’t have a problem with false rape reporting, we have a problem with rapes not being reported, a problem with adjudications that favor perpetrators when they are reported and a problem with light sanctions when a student has been found responsible for assault/rape.
Men Sue in Campus Sexual Assault Cases
Jun 28, 2014
Instead, the bill will require that youths who commit any sex crime complete a sexual offender treatment program that juvenile court judges will have broad discretion to tailor to each offender based on the seriousness of the offense and the victim’s vulnerability.
San Jose lawmaker’s teen sex offender measure changes in compromise - San Jose Mercury News
Jun 28, 2014
The sex offender classification given an Ohio high school football player convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl did not violate constitutional due process protections or amount to double jeopardy, a state appeals court ruled in upholding the reporting requirement
Sex Offender Status Upheld In Steubenville Rape Case « CBS Cleveland
Jun 27, 2014
The Parole Board is allowed to impose conditions that are ‘reasonably related to the parolee’s successful reintegration into the community,’ Ind. Code § 11-13-3-4-(b), and that subsection was in place when Patrick was convicted. Our Supreme Court has found that the SOMM program ‘is a valuable tool aimed at the legitimate purpose of rehabilitating sex offenders before they are fully released from State control
Order requiring man to participate in sex offender program not unconstitutional | City-County Observer
Jun 27, 2014
The board, in turn, argued the conviction represented a so-called “like conviction” of aggravated rape under state statute because it was based on allegations the man forced a 9-year-old girl from Rhode Island to Massachusetts, where he physically and sexually assaulted her.
Court: Child abductor does not have to register as sex offender | Boston Herald
Jun 27, 2014
Russ Marlan, a spokesman for the Corrections Department, said the letter was, in part, a response to recent trouble at the St. Louis Correctional Facility, where tear gas was used in early June to pacify high-security prisoners who were breaking items in their cells, making noise and seizing mop handles and refusing to return them. When the warden tried to find out what was behind the disturbances, prisoners cited the quality and quantity of the food, Marlan said.
Aramark pushed to end prison meal shortages or risk losing $145M contract | Detroit Free Press | freep.com
Jun 27, 2014
Texas Department of Criminal Justice officials insist the new cooling devices are not in response to numerous lawsuits alleging triple-digit temperature readings inside prison buildings are improperly cruel punishment and have led to inmates’ deaths.
Texas Prisons Address Heat Issues With Large Fans - ABC News
Jun 26, 2014



Meet the red-eyed gaper, Chaunax sp., more commonly known as “by-catch” in commercial fishery operations. Gapers are Lophiformes, in the anglerfish group, with big heads, a network of open sensory canals,
and a lateral canal extending posteriorly along a compressed trunk and tail. They are sit-and-wait, ambush predators. These red-eyed gapers and their ilk can be found as deep as 2000 m around the world.

  • Credit: Anne Richards, NEFSC/NOAA

i fucking love this planet


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